Espetinhos Brasileiros
Brazilian appetizers on skewers

Heart of palm, grilled pineapple, cinnamon and aromatic Brazilian spice (V)
Smoked manioc with grilled mushroom, beetroot and okra, marinated in special Brazilian homemade butter and “Baniwa” – exotic spices made by Indians from the Amazon (V)
Crispy and juicy chunks of fried pork belly served with a twist tahiti lime
Fresh cheese from historical region of Minas Gerais, wrapped in ham with smoked aubergine and fresh rocket leaves (V)
Mortadela, cucumber pickles and Brazilian dendê oil sandwich
Roasted brazilian picanha beef, tomato and tanned onions on garlic bread , flavours of a traditional barbecuebackground_21

Small dishes for passing around

Coxinha – creamy chicken rolled in breadcrumbs and fried – a traditional boteco favourite
Filet mignon acebolado com farofa e ovo de codorna – dry aged beef with Brazilian farofa crumble, topped off with a fried quail’s egg
Brazilian Cous Cous cooked with a special mixture of peas, sweetcorn, tomato, eggs and spices (V)


Brigadeiro – dark chocolate with a touch of Amazon
Beijinho – coconut candy
Camafeu – a Brazilian favorite
Olho de sogra – dried plums filled with egg yolk and syrup
Cajuzinho – sweet made of peanuts from the north east of Brazil
Colourful homemade gummy candies

Artistic appetizers on papers

Pastel empanadas of shrimp with coconut milk , spices and coriander
Pastel empanadas of creamy heart of palm (V)
Língua de boi – marinated beef tongue with tamarind sauce and caramelized banana
Queijo coalho grelhado – grilled halloumi cheese with cane syrup and rosemary (V)
Pamonha – corn puree wrapped and steamed in a giant corn leaf filled with fresh Brazilian cheese (V)
Crab cake served with spicy pineapple and ginger jam

Gift wrapped, a daily selection of the following dishes

Moqueca – shrimp and banana stew with peppers, basil, coriander and tomato served with azeite de dendê (special Brazilian oil) and white rice
Moqueca de legumes – banana, palm of heart stew with pepper,basil, coriander, tomate, with azeite de dendê (V)
Feijoada – black beans cooked with pork ribs and sausage, served with slices of orange, braised cabbage and white rice
Baião de dois- mix of rice, beans, halloumi cheese, dried meat , brazilian homemade butter, tomato and coriander.
Picadinho – Brazilian beef stew , fried banana topped with Brazilian farofa crumble and served with white rice
Escondidinho – jerked beef with mashed manioc, topped with grated parmesan cheese
Escondidinho de cogumelos – sautéed mushroons, Brazilian homemade butte and mashed manioc, topped with cheese (V)
Feijão tropeiro com barriga de porco – pork belly confit with drover beans